Sometimes just one criminal conviction can throw your whole life off course.

I’m here to make sure
it doesn’t.

The consequences from criminal convictions that don’t arise until after you’ve served your sentence are sometimes referred to as “collateral.”

But for the people who are actually affected by them, they are anything but that.

They can be devastating.

I understand this because I’ve spent my entire career helping clients and their families avoid or mitigate these consequences.

What I Do

Post-Conviction Relief for

For non-citizens, even minor misdemeanor convictions can lead to deportation. I have worked with dozens of non-citizen clients from around the world to successfully vacate (un-do) these convictions to avoid deportation and other immigration consequences.

Sex Offender
Registry Board
(SORB) Cases
I work with former sex offenders who are no longer dangerous. Whether you are being classified by SORB for the first time or are trying to have your level reduced or terminated, I’m here to help you show that whatever you did in the past is not going to happen again.
Appeals and
Motions for
New Trial
Things can feel hopeless after losing a criminal trial. Whether it’s briefing a case immediately after your trial, or revisiting an old conviction with a motion for new trial, I review cases that have gone to trial and can sometimes help you overturn your conviction.

Who I’ve Helped