Consultations and Case Screening Process for Post-Conviction Cases

Before a client retains me to draft what is usually a time consuming and complicated motion, I want to do more than just figure out if it’s possible to file something.

I want to see if we have a realistic chance of success.

This is why I typically handle these cases in two stages, and most clients retain me to conduct a screening review before deciding whether to proceed with incurring the additional cost of actually litigating their case.

Free Initial Consultation

If you request a consultation, someone from my office will reach out to ask questions and may request certain documents. We would schedule a 30 minute free initial consultation by phone or video where you can share additional information, ask me questions, and I explain the next steps so you can decide if you’d like to move forward and have me formally review your case.

Case Screening

During the case screening stage my goal is to conduct the most thorough review possible so I can give you an honest assessment of the strength of your case. I will speak with you more about your case, perform preliminary research and investigation, seek out additional records, and try and formulate a plan for post-conviction relief. I charge a flat fee for a case screening.

I always want my clients to be able to make the best decision for themselves and their families before incurring the additional, more substantial cost of moving to the next stage of actually drafting and litigating the motion, and that is why I am very thorough with my case screening process. I really dig deep and my extensive experience helps me spot issues even in cases where other attorneys have told my clients nothing could be done.

Still, it is important to know that there is a possibility I could tell you that any motion we file would have a very low chance of success. If I carefully review your case and do not believe we have good arguments that would give you a real shot at vacating your conviction, I will be very honest with you and may suggest you look into other alternatives.

Filing for Post-Conviction Relief

If you decide to move forward, my fee for filing a motion for post-conviction relief is reflective of the time and labor that I know it will take for me to give you your best chance at winning. Each case is different, but through the screening process I will be able to estimate how much work I think will be required. Generally a defendant only gets once chance to file a motion like this, and the stakes are simply too high for me to not give these motions my very best effort.

Although I put a tremendous amount of work and thought into litigating these motions, I can never guarantee we will win. But I believe that my record of success is more than just a coincidence, and my fees are directly correlated to the time and effort I put into litigating these complicated and nuanced cases that have such a drastic effect on the lives of my clients and their families.

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