SORB can try and increase your classification level

This is Not the Time to Take Chances

Many people assume that SORB could only ever increase their classification level if they are convicted of a new sex offense. In reality, SORB has wide discretion to seek upward reclassification of your level. SORB can and often will seek to increase your classification level simply because you’ve been charged in court with a new crime – even if you haven’t been convicted yet, and even if it’s not a sex offense.

Facing the possibility of an increased SORB classification level while you’re already dealing with an open criminal case can be not only stressful, but complicated. These cases will sometimes require litigation in superior court and will likely call for close collaboration with your criminal defense attorney to make sure your rights in both of your cases are protected.

Whether it’s briefing complex legal issues in superior court or working strategically to make sure your interests in both of your pending cases are served, Laura’s extensive experience in appellate and post-conviction advocacy means she’s ready to take on these challenging cases.

The results of an increased classification level can be devastating, especially if you are someone whose personal information is not already on the internet. Give yourself the best chance at avoiding these consequences by calling my office in Quincy: 617-774-7883.